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Variax - POD HD500X - StageScape M20d - L3m speakers

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Hey Folks -


First of all, I apologize for the newbie question with this one. I'm just getting in to this live music environment...


So, I just added to my rig and wanted to ask for the best method/design to hook it all up. The list of equipment is here... the only real question I have is about the L6 Link. The speakers are the only devices to have both Male & Female connections with the passthrough, while the other two devices have only Male connectors. 

Is there a Female to Female L6 Data Link cable or adapter to make this work? Or what is the preferred design to make sure I can use both the StageScape mixer and the 500X effects?


Variax guitar

<Variax Cable>

POD HD500X (L6 Link: Male)

L2m Left (L6 Link: Female IN; Male OUT)

L2m Right (L6 Link: Female IN: Male OUT)

StageScape M20d (L6 Link: Male)


Thanks for any input or suggestions.





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I use the same equipment (except for speaker types) and I connect things this way:


Variax > VDI > HD500 > HD500 analog outs (not L6 Link) > M20d stereo inputs > M20d L6 Link Out > L3t#1 L6 In > L3t#1 L6 Out > L3t#2 L6 In


In other words, I do not use the HD500 L6 Link output. The only disadvantage with this is that I can't use the Hd500 preset to store and recall the L3t speaker mode. That's not a concern for me. I leave the speaker mode set to PA/Reference, and I set the HD500 output mode to Studio and use the HD500 mic/cab models rather than try to use the L3t as a guitar cab/speaker.


With this setup you can use the full power of the Dream Stage, connecting whatever other devices and instruments you want to the M20d inputs, and let L6 Link handle the speaker configurations.

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Thanks silverhead. The way you described is how I ended up setting it up, and it works just fine. I am curious though if there is a way to connect all of the L6 Links up if someone else may know that answer? Will the L6 Link work with 2 of the same type of jacks linked, or will the signaling be messed up?


Thanks again!

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