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Anyone using a ROCKI with an Amplifi 75 or 150?  Running AUX IN obviously, just using as the awesome speaker it is.




I have two Amplifi's, would like to stream music throughout the house.  Bluetooth limited to one streaming device at a time and Sonos is too expensive.




 - Tony

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Hi Tony,


Awesome! I'm Nick from ROCKI. 

You can play music to more than 1 ROCKI but currently they can't play in sync yet.


We are developing the MultiSync function which would sync the ROCKI's to play the same music together in sync. We are very close to completing the function (all ROCKI's would be automatically updated over internet once the function is ready). We expect to release a Beta version of the software to our Beta community. If you are interested in having the beta for your ROCKI's, you can send an email to beta@myrocki.com with "multisync" in the subject.


Feel free to ask any questions!! ROCKI on!!



Nick | ROCKI

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