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Product Registration

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I recently registered my Helix Rack (shows as being confirmed registered in my account page) and would like to download some custom tones.

But when I try and download a tone patch I get a "registration required" pop up window?

Has this happened to anyone?

Does it just take a few days for the registration to get in the system?

Any help would be appreciated


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I have tried many times now to register my POD HD500 and I keep getting the same message, "ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)". I have tried just about everything (upper case, lower case, with and without parenthesis, replacing 0 with O) and I'm starting to wish I never bought the thing, I have searched the net and there are many posts regarding this and nobody seems to have an answer. Please help!

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On 1/30/2017 at 5:13 AM, BillBee said:

Go to the top of the page click Support and in there send a email to Line 6.

You only get a bot when you do that.  As far as support I don't see any way of actually talking to a person.

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