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AMPLIFi v2.1 Firmware Update Adds USB Recording Functionality


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Just in case anyone missed the announcement above.


What is it?
The AMPLIFi v2.1 firmware update turns AMPLIFi 150, 75 and FX100 into powerful class-compliant USB interfaces for Mac, PC and iOS*, making them ideal for use with GarageBand®, Cubase®, Pro Tools®, Logic®, Ableton® Live, Cakewalk® and other pro recording platforms. All AMPLIFi owners can now record with the same exact amp and effect tones they’ve downloaded from the cloud or created themselves.

AMPLIFi v2.1 firmware update is available now for AMPLIFi 150, 75 and FX100, and can be downloaded via the AMPLIFi Remote iOS and Android apps, as well as the AMPLIFi Utility for PC. The ASIO driver for PC is available at

* Camera Connection Kit required.




Here's the KB notes for the update:


AMPLIFi 75/150/TT/FX100 firmware v2.10

All AMPLIFi units

  • USB 2.0 recording for Mac/PC on all units
    • Class-compliant Mac/iPad drivers @ 24bit/48K
    • ASIO driver version 1.64 for Windows that provides 16/24 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96K recording and sample rate conversion. This can be adjusted in the Windows Sound Control Panel. USB audio streaming buffers and default bit depth can be set in the AMPLIFi Control Panel, or from within a DAW.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Ability to disable the flashing Tap Tempo light via a new app preference – this will persist through power cycle
  • Adjusting the reverb knob will automatically enable the reverb block if it happens to be turned off
  • At this time, it is recommended to perform the update using the AMPLIFi Utility for PC found at, using instructions found at

75/150-specific items
A 12dB gain stage has been added to the guitar in the headphone output of the 75/150 to make the guitar/Bluetooth blend sound the same in the headphones as it does through the speakers.

FX100-specific items

No FX100-specific items in this release.

TT-specific items
The previous AMPLIFi TT firmware provides a USB stream that is 12dB too hot and always clips the input of a DAW unless you crank it down on the hardware (white LED ring on the big knob). This issue is fixed in this release.


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Hmm.  It works OK on my i7 system, records well in Reaper, but whatever ASIO settings I choose it's really glitchy sounding on monitoring or playback.  The same system works a treat [zero glitches]  with (a) Zoom H4n  (b) Novation XIO audio in/out  ©Roland SP555  (d) tascam USB interface.

Windows 8.1, latest version of Reaper.  All the latest firmware & driver updates applied as suggested by the Windows Amplifi Utitlity.  The fact it's only the Amplifi USB out that's glitchy and not any of my other devices suggests a driver problem, n'est ce que pas?

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Typical line6 with no guides or instructions.


Does it just plug into a Mac and work or do you need to download firmware / applications on the MacBook?


On a Mac, it's class compliant audio interface, so it should be recognized by the OS as soon as you plug it in. Essentially, it's using the default Mac drivers.

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  • 7 years later...


moi j ai un gros problème suite a un flash interrompu je n arrive plus a me connecter avec l application amplifi remote .

Quand je me connecte (bluethooth) sur tablette ou sur téléphone il m est indique acheter maintenant 

dans flash devise (no devise) et

impossible d ouvrir dernière conception .

sur le bluethoo du tel  AMPLIFI Od  c est indiqué connecté pour le son

lorsque cela a un peu fonctionné cela  se reconnectait puis déconnectait croyant faire bien j ai  fait   un reset d usine et  j ai  perdu toutes mes années de

 dur labeur sur le son je suis vraiment  abattu. quelqu un sait il comment je dois faire merci

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