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Amplifi 75 100 preset tones ?


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Hello peeps,

Received my Amplifi 75 last night - set it up with an android tablet etc, and all works OK....but:

There only seems to be 4 preset tones when I click on the Amplifi Nav item on the menu, all the rest are empty banks which I can create and save to.

I updated to V2 of the firmaware that had been released - in order for android connectivity, again all good.

I have read and heard ( on here : ) that there should be 100 preset tones. Has anyone got any idea how to get these - would I have had to upgrade to 1.01 for this and were they not in V2 ?

Also - is it not possible to import tones from previous applications like gearbox etc?



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Hi Steve,


If your AMPLIFi 75 firmware is v2.0 (v2.1 is now available, BTW) and you have the latest version of the AMPLIFi Remote App, you should have 100 Presets. Sometimes, after conducting the firmware update, the other 24 banks show up as <EMPTY>. I've fixed this by conducting a simple factory reset again and it restores all 100 presets.


  1. Turn your AMPLIFi 75 OFF
  2. Pushed down on the TONE button and MASTER Volume Knob simultaneously while turning the unit ON. Hold it until the white LED is on the first tone again.
  3. Pair the amp and check for the presets.
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Will the reset mean I lose all my saved tones??


The tones that are saved in the hardware slots will be reset, yes. But as long as you have them in the "My Tones" section of the amp, they will be backed up with your account in the cloud. It's a pretty simple matter to get them back on the hardware.

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I've tried the reset 3 times now, and the only presets I can get are the first 4. I'm not sure why the remainder of the 100 won't update on my Ampli 75.


Any assistance is appreciated!


Any reason why they aren't shipped with this already done??

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