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Rode NT1-A microphone won't work with HD500X, but work with UR22 ; why ? ...


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Hi everyone !


My microphone Rode NT1-A work great with my audio interface UR22 Steinberg, but it's not the case with my new sound at all !

I know that the UR22 have his own phantom power, but i think it's not the case with the HD500x ...


What i have to do ?

I do not want to buy an other microphone ...

So i must buy a phantom power for my Rode NT1-A or what ?


Any suggestion for a good phantom power ... Mmmmm the HD500X begin to be expensive !


Thank you

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Why do you need to use the POD with the mic if you already have an interface it works with?


Yes you are right !

The UR22 was the first audio interface that i used, but since i have the HD500x, no need 2 audio i plans to give the UR22 to my nephew.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got screwed by line 6 ... ***what have you done to me***

In 1989-1992  i worked hard to do great musical composition with : tascam 644, Atari 1040 ste, Korg M1, Ibanez Blazer 470, DSP256 ect ... & i stop everything in 1992 !
I still have all of my compositions in a box : K7 (audio) + floppy disk (midi)

In 2014 i decide to recover everything that i have done in this time.
But i needed new equipment.. so this summer i started the second phase of my project & this 22 years after.

Variax was a great tool to creativity. So i ordered a jtv89f 5 weeks ago !

***After 5 weeks of waiting***, I just received the line 6 variax jtv89f red blood...  One hour before i received a call from my music store telling me that the variax was arrived.

After 5 weeks I was excited !
November 20, I had asked my music store to order a brand new variax guitar directly from line 6... ( 5 WEEKS of WAITING ) ...

I repeat : I had asked my music store to order a brand new variax guitar directly from line 6

Arrived at the music store, the salesman will look for the variax to me..
The variax is in its box, he asked me if i want to see the guitar, i said : OH YEAH !
The box is well sealed with the line 6 tapes.

***But inside the finding is terrifying : the flexibe black case is terribly dirty (A LOT) ( now i know it's not a brand new one) THE CASE HAS NO line 6 LOGO ...
I open the case : the guitar is heavily dirty with dirt & with hands & finger marks***

***I WAS BERSERK*** I got screwed by line 6 !

The salesman asked to call the responsible salesman of the sale : ***& he saw the variax as we saw it ,and asked to refund me right away***

The music store is not responsible of this mess ... ***YOU line 6 you have made me lose five weeks and now it's the Christmas holidays and I have nothing for my musical work*** I still lose time now : THANK YOU !

How dare you do this to me ?

Are you stupid or you think am I ?

Why James Tyler has give his name to the dirty line 6 lollipop !

Believe me line 6, i will find james tyler on youtube or everywhere on the net to tell him my story : ENOUGH IT'S ENOUGH
this post will be everywhere on youtube video on the comment section.

The salesman at the music store have try to fix the problem by offering me another Variax jtv69 (a used one) AT A GOOD PRICE...***a discount of $700*** but I still repeat it again: I WANT A BRAND NEW ONE 89F & ***NOT THIS DIRTY 69***

I just wrote to James Tyler website ...

... ****I regret having bought the HD500X it a month ago, because I cannot return it for a refund  ... it was for the Variax ... I am stuck with this lollipop now***

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