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How to use the Midi and a SDD Pedal?


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That video is great.  But your method is for a computer based app or DAW. 


Will the method work the same when using the HD500 as a midi controller for other midi equipped stompbox pedals or rack effects?


Hopefully the original poster will come back with more info.  Like which SDD3000? (I'm assuming its the new "reissue" pedal).  And is the problem setting the HD500 or the SDD?


In any event, here the manual for the Korg....MIDI starts around page 22.  http://i.korg.com/uploads/Support/USA_SDD3000_OM_EFGS1.pdf

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If you need to control some device with the POD you just need to figure if that other device has a specific MIDI list for its functions, as the POD does (see video), or if the device can learn from the POD...in that case you just set MIDI to any kind of message on the POD, as in the video, then put the device on Learn mode, and hit the footswitch...If the device has a list just program the pod footswitch to the specific MIDI command for the function you want

Hope that helped

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Thank you guys for all your help. will definitely play with it tomorrow. It is the New SDD.


Did you ever figure out how to use the POD to control the SDD-3000 pedal? The only thing I have figured out is when doing patch changes on the POD it then changes the SDD to a corresponding patch. Eg: POD HD 500x, Bank 15 patch(preset) C, then changes SDD to patch(preset) 30A. I'd like to be able to use the expression pedal or foot switches on the POD to change things on the SDD but can't figure out the MIDI implementation using the CC's. Any insight would be grateful. 



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