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Clarification On Hd400 / Flash Update - Low Volume


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Hi all,


Just seeking clarification on a few things related to hd400 and flash update to 2.01


1. First of all, am I correct to assume that I should switch the output to Studio when connecting with 1/4" Out to a mixer (Tapco Mix100) which then goes to M1Active monitors. Between the two jacks coming out of the pod (R and L) there's a switch between Amp and Line. Which one should I select for that setup?


2. I've upgraded the firmware using the Monkey program and I've noticed that the volume of all/most factory patches are NOTICEABLY lower. I can barely hear some of them. While performing the upgrade there was a message that some of the tones may get changed but most of the patches are hardly audible. Any advice?


3. Any good resources for creating metal sounds (eg. Dream Theater)


It's my first amp modeller so please bear with me (I'm reading the manual).


Thank you



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1. Yes, "Studio" mode is correct for mixer and active monitors.
If you choose "Amp" or "Line" depends from the input level of your mixer ports. What says the manual of your mixer? Usually I'd say choose "Line" first (-10dbV). If the level is too low, then go with "Amp" to get higher output.

2. A big volume difference is not meant. But have you done a "factory reset" after firmware update? You also should better choose not to keep your presets during fimware update. This means you have to save them over HD400 Edit before.

3. Beside the manual, take a look at Meambobbo's tone guide:
Or just download these presets from customtone.

John Petrucci plays Mesa Boogie Mark amps. You can try the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier "TREADPLATE" model. Choose a compressor or extra overdrive as fx1 (as needed), a mod effect as fx2 (chorus, flanger, phaser) and add your wah model and reverb.

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