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Pitch tune in Spider Jam

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I need to pitch the tune of the guitar as Jam Tracks or recordings, for example. In this way, we could avoid retune the guitar when we want to play some song of GN'R or Highway to hell, for example (these songs are tuned in Eâ™­). I guess button FUNCTION 2 in FBV Shortboard MkII has no function available in Spider Jam and could be assigned for this.

I've created a suggest and a ticket with this issue. If you want to vote for this idea, this is the link: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Pitch-tune-with-MkII/680202-23508.

In the ticket, Jon Brunner (a support guy that answer me) tells me that is not possible, but I think is a basic function, also included in Spider Jam, but to others functions (upper mentioned). So, I guess we can push to get a new firmware release that includes this improvement. Thanks to all in advance.

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