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Multi Cab Question

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DT25 combo


I also have a mesa 4x12 vintage 30 closed back 8ohms


I like the sound of DT25 alone, I like the sound of recto alone and I like the sound of boths using the 2 4ohms jack.


Is it stupid doing this?


It's 4 speakers against 1 per output


Does the speaker in the combo will work more than the 4 others?


Is it easier to acheive the perfect range of power tubes at low volume this way?



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right...the combo gets half the power and the cab gets the other half...where the combo speaker gets around 12 watts, each speakers in the cab is seeing around 4-5 watts...


You would likely get a bit better cone volume match if you changed the combo to a 16 ohm speaker...parallel combined load with your 8 ohm cab is about 5.3 ohms...no problem on the 4 ohm tap. I have been running my SV MK1, MK2, DT50 and DT25 with a 5.3 ohm load for years...however, I do it but using a 212 cab loaded with 16 ohm speakers...all my 112 combos have 16 ohm speakers...Three 16 ohm speakers in parallel is 5.3 ohms...cone volume is balanced...In your case, a 16 ohm speaker with an SPL rating that is -3db less than Vintage 30s would likely get pretty close...

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