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POD Farm and iLOK

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i-Lok does not work with the X3.

But the X3 does include a POD Farm 1.12 plug-in licenses.

The Hardware Independent version of POD Farm 2 is a separate license.


I would recommend sending the wet and dry to your DAW simultaneous while you monitor the wet and then and the PF 1,12 plug-in to the dry track post processing.

After you are familiar with the workflow, then you can look into PF2 to see what else you would gain.

But sonically they are the same, there is more signal chain flexibility with PF2.

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If you purchase a POD Farm 2 license, you would need the platinum to have access to all the models you currently have in the X3.

Best not to get i-Lok, it is the plug-in only version with no refund policy.

The Hardware Independent version works with most ASIO USB Audio Interfaces and has a 30 day money back guarantee.

But trying to use a Stanalone PF2 version with the X3 as an interface IMHO is cumbersome and redundant, plus no versions of POD Farm can be used as a GUI with the X3.

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