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Fx Loop Noisy when OFF


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If I have a gain-y pedal in the FX loop of my HD500, turning the FX Loop off causes the noise level to go up.  


Specifically I'm using a Bogner Red pedal, and I'm trying to use my HD500 into the power amp of a Fender Deluxe.  I'd like to be able to assign the FX Loop and a preamp on the HD500 to A/B, so I can go from a medium gain modeling preamp to the high-gain Bogner with one footswitch.  

GTR -> HD500, pregain FX - FX out - Bogner red - FX in - HD500 preamp* - post gain FX - main out - Power Amp In

Pod set to Combo Pwr Amp


So far I've confirmed:

The noise is coming from the pedal being in the FX loop.  Turning the pedal off always gets rid of the hiss.  Patching the FX loop into itself does not cause hiss.  Pedal straight into amp does not cause hiss**


Hiss happens when the fx loop is set to both line and stomp levels.  The hiss goes down when set to stomp, but so does the volume of the pedal (which is no good as I'm using it as a preamp).  


The hiss also happens if I have BOTH the FX loop and amp enabled but turned off.  It does NOT happen if I have either one disabled.  


*The HD500 modeling preamp and the Bogner red are set to never be on simultaneously.


**Unless I have the gain cranked, and even then it causes significantly less hiss than if in the FX loop.

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Well i can tell you i don't think you are crazy.  I have a Bogner Unerschall and i have yet to get it to play nice.  My setup is a little different, i have the Pro running into a dt50 but the noise is just insane.  I wondered if it was a gain stage issue of some sort but everything i have tried has been useless to get rid of it. Everything you stated seems to be the same for me.  Whether I run it in the FX loop or i run my guitar into the pedal then into the POD the results are the same.  If i run it straight into the DT50 without the POD no noise.


I finally just took it out of the rig, did'nt want to fight it anymore.  I'm happy with the sounds i can get without it but i realize everyones needs are different. 


I know this doesn't help much besides to say i think it's not so much an error in settings as it is these pedals hating Pod HDs lol.  I may sit down again with it tomorrow see if i can come up with anything.  If I discover anything ill post.

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Yea, taking the Bogner red out of my setup isn't an option.  


I thought I had it figured out when I reversed the position of the FX Loop and the modeling amp in the chain - placing the FX loop after the amp.  But while that did reduce hiss, it was still unacceptably loud. 


I've been considering getting a bypass system like the Voodoo Labs stuff, but this makes me wonder if it's not something about the Bogner pedal, and I might have the same problem with a system like that...

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I'm not an expert, but here's what I've learned.


When you have an FX loop, the return is always on, even when the loop is switched off.  Turning the loop off kills the SEND (not the RETURN).  This is advantageous when you have delays/reverbs in the loop, the trials are audible after the loop is switched off.


In your case, the noise from your distortion pedal continues to be audible after the loop is switched off.  This is kind of a bummer.


As a workaround, maybe you can assign another controller to the mix parameter of the FX loop (either 0% or 100%), rather than bypassing the loop.  It actually might sound cool to sweep the mix through a distortion pedal.


It would be great if there was a lot more flexibility with the loop:  kill the return on bypass, dual mono loops, etc...

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