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A few questions from a newbie

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Hi all


just got my JTV59 last week and am pleased with it overall but would like to alter stuff using workbench. I am an old guy so maybe not up to much with modern tech and must be doing something wrong when using workbench I notice there are a few u tube videos showing what is capable using workbench but none showing you how to use it. I plugged the guitar in using the cables and interface supplied and went and altered the custom 1 bank I made a 335 on the neck a strat with the neck and middle pup with the tone rolled back and patch volume up for the middle pickup I wanted a Peter Green sound so loaded a les paul body 2 LP humbuckers and selected the pickups to be out of phase then loaded an other strat the same as above but with the bridge and middle pups and finally a LP on the bridge I renamed all the patches and checked them all again and when I was ready clicked on upload to variax then unplugged the usb/interface cable and the patches had not uploaded to the guitar so should I only upload one patch at a time once I have altered stuff.


Question 2 I notice some folk on here like V 1.9 for the warmer strat tones which I would like to try (I am used to a deluxe strat with Texas specials) can I do this with workbench HD or do I need the old workbench and if I like the 2.1 Les Paul sounds and the 1.9 strat sounds is there a way to get them on the guitar.


Sorry for the long winded questions



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Here is the best Workbench HD tutorial I have seen so far, pretty informative and it was created by Line 6 Product Specialist Joe Cozzi...



In order to use Workbench HD you will need to update the guitar to 2.0. All of the models have been reworked to sound as accurate to the original model as possible, I would recommend that moving forward.



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Thanks Joe,


I could see the potential with the software and was indeed trying new guitar bodies and pups what I could not figure out was how to download them to the guitar which this clip omitted to show as well. Sometimes it is the simple things that are obvious to most folk but not all that trip us up. Anyway I have figured out how to save bundles banks  and download single patches to the guitar which I now realize is what I did in the first instance when I tried to download a complete bank and wondered why all my tones had not gone across to the guitar.

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