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Amplifi TT vs POD X3


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Well, the modeling is, for all intents and purposes, the same. There are some differences in the feature set, though. There are no bass amps and cabs or bass effects on the Amplifi. It also doesn't have all the vocal preamp stuff the X3 has. It can't do dual tones. So it's not necessarily a full replacement for the X3.


The one thing you can do with the Amplifi that you can't do in the X3 is have multiple instances of the same effect or effect type. You have three "wild card" effect slots in the Amplifi signal chain that can be any distortion, modulation, filter, or delay you want. In the X3, you have a single drive block, a single modulation block and a single delay block.

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and............. value will depend upon your intended application: live? or home jamming?


I don't have a TT (yet? hmmmm still debating) but I have a few X3s which are easy to edit on the unit itself (or the PC) and with the FBV translate well to a live setting (and at home for recording). Yes Gearbox is not being updated so keep that in mind too (I have a few "retro" OSs running to take care of that for editing).


For quick flip the switch and less muss and fuss for bedroom noodling the Amplifi series is quite inviting. So I do see the attraction there.


I can't remember if the TT can do dual paths (if that is important to you) - so you may want to sit down and compare manuals and if you can try one out.


Best -> both :)



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I come by the Amplifi FX 100 by way of XTLive, X3Live, HD500 and HD500X.


In my opinion:


Great editing on the fly.                                    

Sounds warmer, easier to get live sound than previous models. REALLY sounds good. I used the Amplifi FX 100 for several weeks and brought in my HD500X for one week, won't do that again.

Quick easy set up.

Everything about my practice routine has been economized by this device. I spend more time practicing than chasing mp3's.




Bluetooth can be a little glitchy, I demand a lot from it! Normally only in rehearsal or sound check. No performance issues yet.

No cons for live sound.

Needs a couple more slots for effects blocks.

I really miss the second row of switches, or the ability to toggle one or more effects in a patch without leaving the patch.

I miss the FX loop as I used it for a boost in my HD rigs.

Would like to see a cafeteria of effects, go ahead and limit the number in the device, but let the user pick from the entire Line 6 effects library. ( I miss the harmonizer)

I don't like loosing my patch setup during upgrades. The patches are still in My Tones, but the banks all get set back to factory.


I will add that the Amplifi FX 100 have moved me to economize in my patch banks. I actually played a whole set last week in patch bank 1. In the past I would write entire patch banks for one song.


Even thought the Con list might look a little longer, I am completely sold and commited to this system. I am confident that Line6 will continue to grow with us.


I look forward to the Amplifi FX Super 100 HDX with all of the hardware bells and whistles of the 500X!. I will be one fo the first in line!!

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