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XT Live hum and colors sound?

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New on here and still tinkering around with my new XT Live so go easy on me lol


Anyways I find that even with AMP off it tends to color the sound from my marshal stack a bit.  Anyone else have this issue or am I doing something wrong?


Second question is I find I get a lot of hum from my Pod when using a high gain setting is this normal or can I dial it out?


Any suggestions would be helpful . . ok back to tinkering lol


Thank you

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Hey Man welcome to the forums,


Describe your setup and cabling. Could be a few things: Noise gate? Hum - ground loop?


When you say "color" what do you mean? As far as coloring the sound of your Marshall Stack I can only assume you are running the 4CM and its sucking the tone out of it a bit. You might have to screw with the EQ as it will do that.



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