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HD500X Midi question

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I've started using my HD500X as a midi controller in Ableton Live.  I'm currently using it to control different parameters across several HD patches.  


For example patch 1A controls electric guitar settings (S Gear), patch 1B controls loopers in Ableton, patch 1C controls acoustic guitar settings, etc


On patch 1A I put effects in the effects slots of the HD to give me visual feedback for what switches are turned on/off.  This way if I turn delay on for example the corresponding footswitch lights up so I know it's on.  


This works out great, until I have to change patches to control something else and then come back to patch 1A.  It restores which effects are on/off based on the saved state so my visual feedback is out the window.  


I don't think that there is a way around this but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has any ideas. 


The two solutions I can think of are:


1.  Have the HD500 return to the last state of a patch used instead of the saved state (from what I can tell it just doesn't do this)


2.  Have the HD receive data from Ableton to coordinate when the lights on the footswitches should be on based on midi note on/off (pretty sure that's impossible).  


I'm stumped on how to accomplish this, or if it's even possible.  


If any one has any ideas I'm all ears!



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Just found a potential solution.  If I leave HD Edit open, turn on/off effects in 1A, switch 1B, then go back to 1A is pulls the last state back from HD Edit.  So whatever was left on or off is still there.  


I'm going to keep messing around with it, but seems like it could be an acceptable work around.  

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