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Flextone III+ Shortboard Connection Problem

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Hey guys!

So, my dad happens to have a Flextone III+ with an working FBV Shortboard (MkI) connected. Since I'm quite the Line6 guy too, i bought a Shortboard MkII for use with my computer (Pod Farm 2.5).

Now i thought, woudlnt it be cool to connect my MkII to his Flextone III, since we play in the same practice room, and i could mess around with my own presets. (IF the presets are stored in the shortboard, if someone can confirm this is not the case, you can close this thread!)


So, here comes the problem: The old Shortboard is connected via a strange connector with a couple of pins, dont know how they're called, almost like an old sVideo connector but lager and with more pins. Also, this connector has a Screw-thingy around it, to lock it in place.

The old shortboard has this connector too, exclusivly this connector. (and an expression pedal plug, of course)

My question now is, where the f*** am i supposed to connect a RJ45 cable for my MkII? I've looked for a connector all over the place, but couldnt find one, and I saw some photos online of a Flextone III having a RJ45 connector instead of the stupid one I have...

(if you can't tell by now, I'm getting annoyed by this...)


Now, do I have any chance of connecting my MkII to this amp?


For further investigation, i think i can provide serial numbers(if they help) and pictures. I'm getting the feeling we got a super special one time run edition here...


Thanks a lot in advance!

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I think you're referring to MIDI connectors, but you don't need them if you have a CAT-5 cable connecting the Flextone and Shortboard. In fact this is much easier than using MIDI. I'm unaware of a Flextone III+ without RJ-54 I have to admit. Pictures would be helpful.


In any case presets are stored in the respective devices, not in the floor controllers. They're just dumb remote controllers that select the presets stored in the Flextone, PodFarm etc.

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Thanks for the quick answer!



Ok, so if they are stored in the respective device, there is no further need to investigate the connection of my MkII.


Anyways, i quickly made a picture showing the connector, maybe someones interested though, since i've nerver seen this kind of connector in the internet...

also, this is placed next to the MIDI jacks, where on other pictured the RJ45 connector would be located, which got me irritated...


so here's a picture:





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Whoha, now that you say it...i've never seen those little edges, i suppose if i get such a plug and solder myself a Cat5 custom cable, then it would work...but i'm not gonna do that, since there would be no point, now that i know the presets are stored in the device, not the floorboard...


Anyways, HUGE thanks for pointing it out!

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