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Help Im an idiot....


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Hello peers! I'm not really an idiot when it comes to amps and guitars, though Im no Professional either. IVe always used a standard amp, Crates to be exact. My current amp is a small Crate practice amp and today my wife surprised me with some thing I am totally new to. The AmpliFi 150. Needless to say, its not exactly your run of the mill amp. I did manage to get it updated to 2.1 and got my android device working well with it. As a Computer and Networking Professional, that was the easy bit (though I saw a lot of people having problems). 


So my problem, and forgive me if it sounds completely stupid, but what now? I dont really like the presets much, how do I change that? Is there a PC version of the remote, so you can run it from a laptop for instance? I have a small screen device and its kind of  pain. Not a deal breaker by any means, but kind of a pain.

Can I plug my device directly into the amp some how? Bluetooth can be unpredictable and I have noticed it drops connection and has to reconnect periodically on its own. 

Can someone point me to some videos that would help me learn to use the software better?

I play metal a lot, anyone point me to some downloadable metal tones?



I could ask a thousand questions. Its a kickass amp, so I really want to get the most out of it. Its just a little forward tech than Im used to, Till now its been stock amps and pedals. This, is not that. Thanx for any help!



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Hello, you're wife is awesome!!!


There is no PC interface for the Amplifi series. As for videos, many are posted in this forum and you can just poke around YouTube and find many.


If I were you and wanted to create the perfect metal tone, I'd build one from scratch. This will help you learn the system the fastest.


Good luck!

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Say thanx guys! Appreciate the responses! And yes, my wife can be awesome!


Was playing around a bit and did figure out how to get to more presets. Even figured out how to save the presets to the amp. DId ya know there are actually 100 presets already on the amp? Need a pedal board (MkII I think) which i'll be using GC gift cards for (I only get 2 things for Xmas, guitar equipment and Steeler gear), but that will be awesome. Set up tones in order of set, etc. Good stuff.



Amazing Amp. Taking it out today to show it off. Put it up against my bro's Marshall and see how it shows, Rock on!




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