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(Driver Software) Line6 POD Studio GX Hardware Set-Up Help

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Recently, I brought my first Line6 system (POD Studio GX) and I am experiencing troubles trying to set it up.

I have completed the set up of POD Farm which seems to be working fine. My problem is that whenever I plug in the box used for plugging in your guitar lead (I apologise for not knowing what it's called) into the computer, a little box appears saying 'Found New Hardware'. It has three options, 'Locate and install driver software (reccommended)', 'Ask me again later' and 'Don't show this message again for this device.' I have clicked on the first option and it then asks me to insert the disk that came with the GX (in order for it to search the disk for driver content (?)), so I inserted my POD Farm disk. After reading it, it says that it can't find the driver software. Even after 'searching the web for a solution,' I am still unable to use the 'box' for the program or any use.

I would be very grateful for a reply which helps me,

Thank you.

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Download and install Line 6 Monkey from the Support-Downloads section of this website. With your GX connected via USB, run Line 6 Monkey. It will help you locate and install the correct driver. Make sure you follow its instructions carefully re: when to disconnect and reconnect your GX.

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