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Iv'e had the Amplifi 150 for almost three months using both an iPad and iPhone for editing and been delighted with the unit...

   that is until now, Xmas morning I thought that I would have a practice session, switched the unit on, and all the four preset lights lit up ie A,B,C,D.. and no sound.

    This was the first time since the 2.1.0 update. So I switched it off, and factory reset it, it defaulted to having the old factory presets and forgeting my A.B.C.D presets, so I duly created a new preset that had no effects, the only thing it had was the "No Amp" from the clean amp settings ( thats what I use for practise), I then saved them to A and B and C and D presets, fine so far.. nope switch the unit off, then back on only to find the  the four preset lights lit up ie A,B,C, sound, so I thought right, reload the old firmware back in ie version 2.0.0, did this and repeated my setup to A,B,C,D as clean presets, and hey presto alls well again.


Are there major problems with version 2.1.0, and will they be corrected, or is it just that I have a faulty unit, any advice would be welcome.

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