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Pod HD Pro Noise when connected to USB


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Hello everyone

I purchased a line 6 pod hd pro about a week ago and I love the tones you can get out of it
the only problem is that when it's connected to my computer via usb it gives me this really annoying noise every 3 minutes or so. I attached a file of the clean tone so you can hear how it sounds. 
Did anyone have this problem,  or does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?



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It sounds like a ground loop to me. If you have a laptop try running it off of batteries. Or try plugging the pod and computer into the same power outlet. Disconnect all the other peripherals from the computer to see if the noise changes.

Thanks for the respond!

I'm using an iMac and I tried plugging all the other peripherals from it and also tried using the same power outlet, I also tried running the Pod HD pro from my USB Hub but I still get that noise.

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If you're shopping for an interface, try and look for one with a SPDIF input...

you can send dry out SPDIF and record the processed audio separately...

or keep the audio digital via SPDIF depending on your workflow...

(i personally like having the dry tracks available also)

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I have posted this many times...One way to protect your gear and remove the potential for a ground loop is to use an AVR.


While the AVR helps in terms of keep voltage stable in both directions and power conditioning, the other effect is that your power is isolated...Since the tranny does not conduct. the ground loop is broken since the tranny is inducting power...It is a very nice side effect...

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