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Ideal height for L2T speakers

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Just a question for you technical people out there...what is the ideal height to have a pair of L2T's on pole mounts for a gig where people are dancing (standing up rather than sitting) and we're on the floor (not on a stage)? I get a bit nervous when they're too high, but just aware you need to make sure that all the sound's not absorbed by bodies!  Thank you!

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I run mine with the bottom of whichever speaker (L3 or L2) at my chin level, which is approx. 5'2 from ground (as I'm 6'2). The deeper the room, the higher I go up to a max of about 6'6 from ground. My aim is to get the horn ABOVE head height for the majority, ie the mid driver at ear height and for the highs to reach the back of the room unobstructed.

I have a set of K&M poles for when I'm running both subs, lay the subs flat then over mount tops on the K&M's, typically on their second notch (approx. 1.2m pole length)

When I'm stand mounting them, I have these: which I run on either their first or second notch

CAVEAT: when using poles, please adhere to the Line6 guidance which states:
L3s sub with one L2t speaker
(on floor or low stage)
Use one long speaker pole (not
included); never use any pole
longer than 24-3/4†(626 mm) in
this configuration

;) (this is incidentally for the sub in its upright position, NOT laid flat. I have a pair of Line6 long poles which I use *if* I need to mount with the sub upright).

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