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Pod Hd Pro In Effectloop And Amp In (4 Cable Method)


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I owned since 2003 a podxt, podxt pro, pod x3, pod x3 pro, pod hd bean and now a hd pro. I used in ear and floormonitors but now I re-discovered a very fine tube amp and 4x12 cabinet.



I read about the 4cm but can't find how to setup the HD pro that my wahwah and overdrive are before the preamp of my tube amp and my delay and reverb after the pre amp.


My question is, where in the chain does the effect send of the line pod hd pro begins? 


Kind regards,





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Or same in words:


There is a fx block called FX Loop. You place it at any of the 8 possible positions you like, just as it was an usual effect. So you can place up to 7 more effects altogether before and behind the FX Loop block.
For the 4CM you usually disable the virtual amp block in its fx path.

Preset example: wah - overdrive - fx loop - Amp disabled - mixer - delay - reverb
Cable example: Guitar out jack> Guitar Input 1; FX Send > AmpInFront; FX Return L/Mono> AmpSendBackside(Preout); 1/4"Out L/Mono > AmpReturnBackside(Poweramp in).


Within fx loop you can control volumes, same does the mixer. Place it where you need to mix. I prefer it behind the fx loop.

Don't forget to ckeck Output Mode on SYSTEM page. There was a discussion what mode is best, I'd start with STACK FRONT because this is the first amp's input connection.

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