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Problems with Guitar Model Selector Knob and alternate tuning knobJTV-59

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I just bought my JTV-59 Cherry Sunburst. When I was testing it out at Guitar Center, I had a little trouble with the above knobs they didn't seem very responsive and needed a little force/repetitive pushing before it would engage. That should have been a red flag. When I got home, it took many attempts before those knobs would engage and give me access to the different guitar models. Is that a defect in this particular guitar or are these knobs not that sensitive?

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Sometimes these knobs are a bit too low and the bottom of the knob is obstructed by the body of the guitar as it is pushed down, preventing proper activation of the switch. A simple solution is to remove the knob and place a small wad of paper inside the hollow. When you replace the knob it will now sit a bit higher on the shaft allowing proper depression without obstruction.

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