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Problem with License Manager

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Well, i have 2 problems.

1. I already authorized my laptop and podx3live. When POD is turned off, POD Farm doesnt work as insert for a track in cubase (to reamp some track). It says that i need to license my pod-laptop. Is it supposed to be this way? I must turn on my pod each time when i need to use pod farm as insert? lol

2. Gearbox doesnt make any sound as insert for a track. It is shown in a list of plugins, but doesnt work at all.


any ideas?

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none of it will work unless the x3 is plugged in and turned on... the X3 owns the license and it needs to be on to authenticate.

unless you buy a license separately this is just the way it works.

gearbox plugin is long unsupported but likely had the same requirement.


and yes... that's the way it works... unless you buy the standalone pod farm license.

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