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Hd300 And A Crown Xls 202


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I have an HD300! I have a CROWN XLS 202! I'm too damn cheap to buy a guitar amp!


Question: How should I set the switches on the LINE 6 board (meaning the LINE/AMP and STUDIO/LIVE switches) if I am running the board MONO OUT to the Power Amp and from the Power Amp to a MESA BOOGIE 2X12 CAB?


I am somewhat confused as to what the manual says because I am not really running a guitar amp and I'm not really running it through a mixer board either. Thanks for any words of wisdom or trash talk or anything you got!

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The Crown  and the 4x12 cab aint too cheap.


As it is theoretically a flat response amp Studio/line level should sound the best, but as the 4 x 12 will be bass heavy the Amp setting might roll off the bottom end a bit better. 

Not too sure on the 300 but the amp setting probably is the signal without the Amp cab and mic modelling.

It is what actually sounds best to your ears at some distance from the cab.

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I run a Crown XLS 1000 amp -- the series after yours, I believe. It's a 1000 Watts bridged into 4 Ohms, 700 Watts bridged into 8 Ohms. I switched from Eminence Tonker 12" speakers in floor monitors to Eminence Beta 12LTA speakers because they are a "more" flat response  PA type of 12" full range speaker... I run my HD500 output in Studio/Line out mode to get the modeling of the different full models rather than the "Pre" models. The Tonkers are good guitar speakers, but have the typical midrange peak response of a guitar speaker, and were hard to tame, as the HD500 full models also have the midrange peaking response, so I was getting it over-emphasized. I couldn't dial it out without providing our soundman a crappy sound out the XLR direct to the soundboard. Now what I hear in my stage mix is pretty much the signal that goes out front through the PA. Amp full models out of guitar speakers over-does the midrange "hump". I've been much happier since I went this direction in the past few months -- and my acoustic JTV models sound a lot better both on stage and out the FOH PA. I put the speakers in old wedge monitor cases, and place them in front of me to avoid the amount of guitar signal leakage you get with amps in back of you into the vocal mic.


The nice thing about the current XLS series of Crown amps is that they are Class D amps, and much lighter. Mine weighs 11 pounds by itself, and no more than 15 pounds in my soft sided Road Runner 2 space rack case.... I run a single 12" speaker for inside jobs and a pair of them for outside gigs. I never top out the amp, and have plenty of clean headroom. I never run my HD500 full open master volume anymore, risking input overload and thermal shutdown of the amp.


That's my experience with it.



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