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-sonic Port 2 Inputs, Are Abailable Independently?

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are the 2 inputs abailable independently?

there are some apps, like "loopy", that will detect interfaces with two or more inputs, and make each of them abailable and selectable inside the app. so you could plug your instrument in 1/4", and the voice or another instrument in the 1/8" input and select what of them to record.


i know the 1/4" and the 1/8" outputs are mirrored and the same. but i suppose the inputs are abailable independently. am i right? if so i would buy it.


thanks a lot



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hallo to myself (no one else asnwered, so i went to buy sonicport and try it by myself).


i really like the unit. very good design, it looks very solid too.

the sound, as expected, very clean.


but it seems to me not very logic the inputs design.


many apps (i work mostly with loopy), take the advantage of multiple inputs and let you select if record one or another, or both in case of stereo inputs.


you can do this with sonicport ONLY if use stereo 1,8" line input AND a stereo cable spliter, so you send your instrument to channel R, and your voice to channel L. this is quite tricky...


i don't know if by a firmware update it could be implemented that when you plug your instrument to the 1,4" instrument input, and another thing to the 1,8" line input, then you get one signal on each channel, that is what how the interface guitarjack2 does, for instance. it makes sense...


also the line level i get is very low, i have to put volume to my instrument almost to 90%, and there's no control panel or whatever where i could adjust it!


it would also make sense that mobile pod app would have this panel, where you can adjust in/out levels (then you quit the app and they remain as last adjusted) and also here you could select the behavior of the inputs, in case the stereo inputs could be handled using the two inputs sonicport has, let's take advantage of it, it has two inputs!! it's a real shame you can not use both them.





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I would have replied, but I'm on holiday at the moment and don't have " mobile in " available.

It can be a very lonely place on this forum as even line6 reps aren't frequently answering questions.

Never had any problems using mobile in as a digital input but never tried recording from line and mic at the same time. I will post results when back home.

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hey nu2moro


thanks for your answer, but i would rather like someone from the line6 team or somebody that has sonicport to say something about these issues.

it's a shame a company like line6 don't have a good support in these times. but for the moment i am quite happy with sonicport, i will try it for two more days, and if it continues like this, i won't return it back, as i thought in the beggining.

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