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connect my Boss rc-3 loop station too my HDPOD500

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How can I connect my Boss rc-3 loop station too my HDPOD500 and get different sound in the same loop in my Boss rc-3?


For example I start the loop with my bass sound and stop the recording and change to a new sound. When I listen back to my recording it only the new sound on everything in the loop. If it possible to record different sound in the same loop without a computer? 


Thanks for help

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You should be able to do as you want. Though what you are saying can happen depending where you place the looper in the HD.

If it is pre every patch change will change the recorded sound

The R3 is going to loop what you record. Then  you change patch and record the overdub.

If you go into an amp power section with the looper just befor is one way to do it. 

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I have the HD500 + DT25.  I place my RC-3 in the FX Loop of the DT25.  When I am using the HD500 only I place the FX Block in the last block in the chain.  This means that the RC-3 will get my tone and if I change patches or toggle an FX then the RC-3 will maintain its looped tone.  You will have to place the FX Loop on every patch that you expect to use the RC-3.


Good luck!

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You have 3 main options.


1, Front-end the HD500 with the RC-3. (Mono).

2, Place the RC-3 in the HD500's internal FX-Loop. (Stereo).

3, Place the RC-3 at the main outputs. (Stereo).


My personal choice is the FX-Loop. The POD HD's FX-Loop can be internally placed between any

FX block within your signal chain, and maintain stereo at the same time. I find this handy when I

want to either loop my final tone at the end, or loop a dry at the beginning for moments of tweaking,

or anything in-between. It also releases you the most from changing cables around too often.

You can feed the RC-3 with an aux signal, with a mix, you could run your soundcard to that.

Conversely, you can feed the soundcards output into the aux of the HD500. But for a more direct

answer to your question, yes you can loop 2 signals, but you have to pick the right cabling

method, I/O, and mixing abilities. You might want to consider a Boss LS-2 for this fight.

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