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POD HD Pro X Blue Screen when opening reaper


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Hi everyone, 


I just purchased line 6 POD HD Pro X, went to line 6 software downloaded the Monkey and editor.  I updated all drivers through monkey for the Pro X through USB to my computer.  Issue comes when I want to use my DAW.  There seems to be a similar issue (unresolved?) archived under : Blue screen of death on Win7 with HD500.  


I am using windows 7 64-bit**


I can have Reaper open and turn on my Pro X.  From here, I can select the ASIO driver and play like normal.  However, if I start new project, click off of reaper and back to reaper, or close and re-open, my computer will blue screen with this Error: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.  I believe this comes from 2 entities trying to access the same driver??


Either way, I have tried moving a few things around with no results (and updated all drivers).  Turned off the power save in case there was a usb port power issue (suggested in other forum).  Tried setting HD as sound device (for monitoring), same result.  Re-installed drivers for Pro X drivers, still issues.  Besides making sure everything up to date, I am not exactly sure how to resolve the issue and haven't seen a solution (but many similar) problems for other uses.  


Any suggestions would be a great help.



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I just solved the problem! 


I uninstalled the ASIO4ALL and R24Zoom drivers (although, I suspect the R24 was not the issue).  Hopefully this will help others with the same error.  I figured since it was on the initialization of Reaper there would be competition with the other ASIO driver.  Regardless of the logic, that was the solution for my system.  

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