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White Noise In Effect Loop


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I have ecountered this problem recently.  I found that if I play the FX loop before the AMP I get the hissing sound, even if I patch the fx loop.  If I move the fx loop after the mixer, I get no noise.  The interesting thing is that if I put noise gate after the fx loop I get no noise.


I have even set the amps to zero.


Any thoughts.

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Check the level switch.  If it is set to 'Line' then moved it over to 'stomp'.


The line setting can be very noisy (hissy) and not appropriate for most effects anyhow. If you do not hear a difference when you change the setting try wiggling the switch and see if it crackles.  Mine was quite dirty and I needed to spray it with contact cleaner before it would switch properly.    


If you effects give you a setup choice between Line level (+4dB) or stomp/amp/consumer level (-10dB) then use the stomp level. 

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