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Creative Blocks...

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Let's talk about em! What do you do to get out of them? What's the longest you've ever been in one? Myself, I feel like I'm just on the way out of a year+ block, although I'm still a little unsure of myself...still nervous that it'll all evaporate again. I think it's a mixture of nerves (people's expectations, my own expectations) and just the reality of having to concentrate on more practical things to survive.


I do feel a lot better when I take several steps back and immerse myself in something unrelated to music (graphics, writing, films) and then ideas start to come but as soon as I get at my desk, something is lost. I'm hoping my new acquisition - a laptop DAW - will allow me to work wherever I need to to be comfortable and relaxed. It arrives tomorrow. Here's hoping!


How about you all?

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every time i try to write lyrics, i can come up with a couple of good lines. after that i become blank. no matter how much i try, i can't get past the first few lines. after that, everything i think of sounds corny or juvenile. i can deal with melody. it seems to come easy. the lyrics are rough. unless i'm going for something simple like "woke up this mornin' - looked out da door - couldn't see mt milk cow anymore...". just when i try to write something serious. BLOCKED

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thats a tough one dude! i tell you the root of the issue is that we're all our own worst critics....

what i tend to do is just sort of let it go....

meaning just wrote the words as they come whether they make sense or not.... even if they are miserable rhymes etc whether i like them or not....

this opens up the channels and gets the ideas out there...

the trick is reviewing and editing after the fact... you can do wonders with saying things a different way, or change the entire meaning with a word...

it can also help with the arrangement when doing things this way... as you might switch things around to put some context to your babblings...

i feel like i'm always at a block, because it never seems good enough... which is back to the root...

i've seriously got pieces from 15-20 years on kicking around in my head, that will resolve themselves one day... one way or the other  :ph34r:

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