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Amplifi 100 no sound after tuner toggle.


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The group leader that I perform with and I both have Amplifi FX 100 units. In the middle of a performance, he switched from acoustic to electric and used his tuner function as a "mute". When he un-muted the unit had no sound in the 1D patch, 1D was the patch we designed for his acoustic guitar feed. Worked fine in rehearsal and we bench tested everything after the gig. All cords, guitars and batteries were good.


We shut the unit off and rebooted, still no sound in that patch, #1 D.


I too have have had 2 occasions that patches I was designing "dissappered".  Once during a soundcheck, I edited a patch, saved it and it was gone.


I love the Amplifi but this week I am putting my HD500X back in to service because the Amplifi doesn't have the flexibility I need to pull this weeks set list off.


Still hoping for the AmplfiHD500X super rig!



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I've had that happen. One thing to make sure. Make sure that the last time you saved that patch, you didn't have the expression pedal heel down. If so, the patch switch sets the volume to 0 even if you had the pedal toe down when you switched. You would have to bring the pedal all back and down again. Save the the patch with pedal toe down down.



Not sure This is your culprit but it seems to be the case of my mysterious muted patch changes.

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