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Flashing the DT50 212 with POD 500HDX - USB to MIDI Cable adapter still needed?

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I just purchased both a DT50 212 and the POD 500HDX and was wondering if I still needed the MIDI to USB adapter to flash/upgrade the DT50's firmware (if needed at present). If it is updated, then I would hold of until I need to update the amp again and then buy one. I just figured I could use the USB port on the POD to route any updates needed to the amp via that L6 digital connection.


If I do need an adapter, does anyone have any recommendations? I saw a simple interface from Newegg below:

Hosa Model USM-422 6 ft. Tracklink MIDI to USB Interface, MIDI I/O to USB Type A, 6 ft   $24.99

Thank You




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yes you still need midi to flash the DT amps... i highly recommend an m-audio UNO device...

you may get by with others... but this interface has proven to be the most reliable.

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I'll second that. There have been issues with lesser quality cables being used. I myself use a pre-sonus studio one but this is for recording to PC and you don't have to spend that kind of money. The M-Audio UNO will work just fine.

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