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Strange buzzing (not rattling) with StageSource L2t Speaker

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I have a pair of Line 6 L2t speakers and they are mostly awesome. One of them works flawlessly. I've had them for about a month and haven't gigged with them. I have mostly been planning to use them for acoustic bluegrass music, but tonight I plugged in my electric bass to them and noticed that one of the speakers has a strange buzzing sound that's sporadic. The other speaker is crystal clear. I tried it with a couple other electric guitars and it has the same issue.


I wouldn't describe it as a rattling in the cabinet itself, but more of an interruption of the audio signal or something, like a crackling noise or some sort of bad distortion. I tried to upload this audio sample I recorded of it, but it wouldn't let me post that here. Instead, here's a link to the file:


Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Does anyone know how to fix it? Unfortunately, this particular speaker I purchased used so I don't have any kind of warranty with it.

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That sounds very similar to a problem I had with an L3t speaker. Mine was repaired under warranty - they replaced one of the speaker drivers inside.


But during troubleshooting I found a couple of other things that sometimes caused a problem. Neither may apply two you, but.....

- an L6 Link cable could be faulty or just not properly seated/connected. Try jiggling it (if you are using L6 Link).

- the L2 speaker firmware may not be up to date. But the only way to update the firmware is using an M20d mixer. If you don't have one this is irrelevant.


I would open a support ticket to work directly with Line 6 on this.

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