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KB37 problem

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Apologies if this in the wrong forum but I couldn't find one that deals specifically with my problem.

I have a KB37 which I have been using for quite a few years now. It has recently stopped working with phantom-powered mics. It works for a while with dynamic mics but then it starts showing a false signal on the input and producing a crackling sound with the mic1 or mic2 input selected. If I switch phantom power on it immediately stops mic1 and mic2 from working and the crackling gets much louder.

The only way to stop it seems to be to restart it and then it works OK for a while on un-powered mics but starts crackling after a while.

Once the crackling starts building up it also appears on the line inputs (sometimes!!)

I have had the unit for a long time but do rely on it. I can't afford to send it back to L6 as I guess it would cost quite a lot to get it fixed.

I have seen this fault (or similar) in other posts but have never seen a solution.

Does anyone know how to dismantle the unit and have any suggestions as to how I could overcome this please?

Many Thanks



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I did replace it a while ago - when I'm home again I'll try again. I think I may have used a USB extension lead (although I'm not sure without looking) which may make it too long to supply the power. I'll look tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. Can't believe I didn't try it first thing!!! DOH!

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