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JTV-69 Tuning Selector

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I thought I was going made the tail end of my last gig, couldn't remember a thing, or at least it did not sound right.  It's happened before but then I remembered I was in the wrong tuning mode.  Select the right one and everything is fine.


This did not happen on Saturday and having a play with my JTV-69 for the first time since the gig have noticed that STANDARD is not standard anymore, seems like it's moved to Dropped D and MODEL is now Standard, DROP D is now something like D# (1/2 down) but not consistent, get to DROP Db and it's like the kids have been tuning it then things start to behave normally again.


Sounds like something needs looking at but it's a strange type of fault so re-flashed the firmware and reset all the patches problem still exists.  You would have thought that if the switch was at fault it would have effected all locations, not just to shift things up from drop Db and then leave 1/2 down normal,  very weird


Anyone come across something similar, did it need a return to base to get it fixed?





PS I'm double upset as I'm just waiting for my DT50 to arrive to complete the dream rig with my HD500, seems like I'll have to wait a little longer to get full use of it :(









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Its possible your Tuning Selector is out of sync with the internal CPU


Factory Reset and Updating the Flash Memory

Q: Why doesn't the Factory Reset procedure described in the manual work?
A: The reset procedure described in the JTV manual was removed from the JTV guitars to make room in the memory for the Variax HD Acoustic models that were added in flash memory update v1.80. All JTV guitars with flash memory v1.80 and newer no longer have this factory reset procedure available.

To perform a factory reset, re-install, rollback, or update the flash memory on the James Tyler Variax guitars, please use the following link:

Variax Reflash and Software update F.A.Q.


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Sounds like your Tuning knob may have somehow rotated one position clockwise. Try removing it and reseating it, taking care that the Model position is at the extreme end of the counter-clockwise range of the shaft rotation.


To do this, remove the knob by pulling it straight up off the shaft. If necessary, use a pair of spoons to gain leverage, using cloths beneath the spoons to protect the guitar body. With the knob off, use your fingers to rotate the shaft fully counter-clockwise. Then position the knob above the shaft so that the Model position is aligned with the light/position indicator. Reseat the knob by pushing it gently but firmly down on the shaft.

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OK must be some sort of file corruption or data transfer issue with 2.1.  tried a couple of times to reload it over itself but issue was still apparent and tried to set tuning to what they should be with no luck. 




1. Re-installed version 2.00 via Monkey 1.67 - Everything back to normal and all  tunings normal , at least what they are supposed to sound like

2. Checked everything looked ok with workbench HD 2.1

3. Gave version 2.1 another go via Monkey 1.67 - Everything normal and tuning normal however look a the tuning "manage" box attached.  Looks a bit like the problems I was experiencing in "lost tunings" stepped on the thumb wheel


I'd updated to version 2.1 pretty much as soon as it came out and have not connected workbench HD for a few months, why with no changes would it suddenly start to act up if there was not some sort of small bug out there is it potentially and issue with the VDI link to a POD500 v2,32 and the patches there.  Is version 2.2 on the way


Problem solved  happy it was not a physical issue, it's probably worth noting

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