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Trading in Sonic Port for Sonic Port VX

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I was originally going to contact support about this, but thought that experienced users may have some advice for me with regard to purchase of the Sonic Port VX. Here's my problem. I purchased a Sonic Port last year. The thing worked intermittently for about 4 mos or so. Then it died. After a lot of logistical crap with troubleshooting and dialoging with Line 6, I finally returned the product. It took a long time, but Line 6 was good enough to send me a brand new, factory sealed Sonic Port. However, during that time the VX model was released. Now I'm seriously considering purchasing one of these units. Here's the rub. I never opened the new Sonic Port Line 6 sent me. It is still factory sealed and in the box. I'm wondering if Line 6 would take it on trade for a Sonic Port VX, and if so, how much credit would I get on the unit toward the Sonic Port VX? Also, if I decided to sell it, would Line 6 honor the warranty on the unit for the buyer? If anyone has suggestions, info, etc on this, I'd be much obliged. Thank you.

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