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Method To Properly Get Looper In Time...?

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Ok, I've used the looper to put a little background rhythm, but the loop has a pause or stop at the end of the loop (track I lay down) and then it ends with like a 1 second cut or pause then the loop restarts...sounds silly while I"m trying to jam along..what am I doing wrong?...it should have a seamless continuation shouldn't it?  I just wanna use it to practice my soloing to a back ground rhythm...

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The Looper has no sense of tempo. You must start/stop it exactly 'on the beat', but the beat is only in your head. It sounds like you are stopping it early - by exactly the amount of pause that you are hearing. It records the silence until you tap the footswitch, and then plays back the silence at the end of each cycle.


Here's an old thread that may help.


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