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Sonic Port VX Hardware Limitation? Alternatives?

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So folks, stumbled upon an interesting issue.


I was hoping to use the SP VX attached to my iPad for backing tracks with the click panned hard left and the backing panned hard right. Turns out there is significant channel crosstalk on the VX which makes it impossible to use for this purpose  (click bleeds into the right channel)


Anyone stumble upon this ? anyone find an interface that has clean stereo seperation?


curious to hear your thoughts!!!

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also the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 has excellent audio performance too - but mandates use of a Battery powered USB Hub   

other strategies for high quality 24 bit audio interfaces on modern iPad/ iPhones are described here:


IPad/iPhone 24 bit Audio / MIDI + FTP and more on Battery power

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buenas quisiera que alguien me ayudara

resulta que cuando conecto mi sonic port a mi dispositivo iphone 4 me dice que no lo reconoce en la aplicacion MOBILE POD 

como hago, tengo que actualizarlo o algo así? por favor ayuda!!

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