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PodFarm Works when Hardware Plugged in- Doesn't otherwise

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Hi fellas! , I want to thank you beforehand for any support I'll receive on this matter. :) thx! 



So, running logic and trying this time to make the podfarm sound solely in there- Everything works splendidly! 

Problem is- I use a laptop..I'm kind of a "on-the-run" type of guy- but even though this computer is authorized in the license manager, It won't load particular amps it seems...


Wait, I think I just figured out my problem while typing this....

....My PODXT came with the Power Pack...and I read somewhere that it's bound to the PODXT...

....I just bought the other packs recently,

....So, using a "Power pack" amp probably won't work unless the licensed PODXT is plugged in...



Hey, that must be it...- better pre-record those Power Pack amps...

             I'll post this anyways- should someone run into the same "problem", perhaps another enlightenment will come out of reading what I just wrote  :P


Thanks, and perhaps- "you're welcome", and sorry if I wasted your time



Oh, and any forum mod- I'd totally understand if you'd decide to delete this post  :ph34r: ..nice smileys btw



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unless you buy pod farm separately all the licenses are tied to the device...

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