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JTV-59 ... To Guard or NOT to Guard?

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Ok, I finally received my JTV-59, and it is sweet!  I also ordered some les paul parts to get a little more classic look out of her.  I added the treble/rhythm ring, that was an easy decision.  But I am having a hard time deciding to add the pickguard, I need some help.




FYI, I figured out how to add the guard without actually screwing it, so I'm not concerned about drilling...Its just the looks.  I was convinced it looked naked with out the guard, but after adding the selector ring, it looks great both ways.


Let me know what you think!  And if you are interested in adding a guard without drilling the holes, let me know and I'll share what I figured out (or at least a theory).





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I haven't actually made the cuts yet, but my plan is to create notches on the inside edge of the pickguard.  The pickguard I ordered was a standard les paul guard and I noticed the spacing of the JTV humbuckers is closer together than the Gibson spacing.  I knew I was going to try to find a way to mount it screwless but wasn't sure how...Well, when I saw that I had at least 1/8th inch or more of extra plastic, I was going to cut it out but leave a notch on each side, and then cut two notches into the bottom edge of the inside of the humbucker rings.  Of course, you will have to add holes to your rings, but I figure it was better to do that than screw holes in the wood!


See the attached photo, hopefully it makes sense.


Also, my plan is to cut off the screw heads and glue them into the guard and then place a clear rubber bumper on the bottom side to hold it up proud off of the wood surface.


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