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MKII FBV express + spider IV 75w - fuzzy/tremolo noise


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Hi there,


I  bought a spider iv 75 w and a mkii express 2 and a half years ago. Both have been working great till 2 months ago.

Now, when I plug the mkii to the amp it make a wierd noise, kinda distorted/ fuzzy and kinda tremolo too.


I think this may be 1 of 3:


- cable is not good, which I already tried to change and nothing changed, so no;

- amp port is not working good; or

- mkii is not working good.


The amp alone works fine.


Can anyone help me with this?

Have anyone had this problem?


Thanks in advance.

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So the amp sounds fine when you use it without the FBV MkII?   Have you tried connecting the FBV to your computer wiht a USB cable and reflashing the memory using Monkey?

Yes, the amp without the FBV work perfect. I haven't tried that, I will try it later today or tomorrow and tell you if it worked. 

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