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I have a (hopefully) stupid and easy question

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I have a Windows 7 computer running Cubase 8 Pro and I'm using a Pod HD Pro for guitars.  My question is this:  Is it possible to set up the Pod HD Pro as the audio interface and use it for zero latency monitoring of my effected signal along with Cubase playback while, at the same time, recording a totally dry signal for reamping later?


I would appreciate any help I could get.





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Yes... Almost. The dry signal will not be totally dry; it will go through an A/D conversion within the Pod but you'd be hard pressed to detect any difference after the post-processing in your DAW.


Here's a preset that is designed to send a wet and dry signal simultaneously through the USB connection from a Pod Hd500 to your DAW. You can download HD500 Edit to inspect this preset and replicate the structure in your HD Pro.




The independent dual path nature of the preset must be maintained, as must the L/R separation in the mixer. Otherwise feel free to tweak the wet path amp/fx settings.

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