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Adjusting patches to the same volume

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I've got some problems trying to adjust patches to the same volume.

I have about 10 different patches that I am going to use on a gig. The problem is that the volume differs a lot between the different patches.

I've been trying to adjust the volume on the ampmodules in some patches, but the span from 0% to 100% isn't enough to do this efficiently. For example a patch with a clean sound has really low volume compared to a patch with high drive. Sometimes it isn't enough to set the volume to 100% on the clean patch to get the same volume as the one with high drive. In those cases I also need adjust the patch with high drive to a low volume. And then, all of the other patches have suddely have too low volume compared to the two I have adjusted.


Is there any other way to adjust the volume on the patches (than changing the volume on the ampmodules) that has a larger span for the volume?


It would be really nice with a feature to normalize the volume on a number of patches...

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Start with your quietest patch and adjust the volume, then lower the volume of all the other patches to match.

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