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Please Help with my Vax 700 and XTL

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Hi, haven't been here for a while, sorry


Please can someone give me a real quick fix as time is tight, I have a gig on Saturday


I have a Variax 700 and Pod XT Live. All has been great until today when I plugged my Variax into my friends XT Live !!!!


Somehow now in the Variax all the banks in the model select knob have moved over by one. For example all the JAZZBOX bank are in the ACOUSTIC bank, the ACOUSTIC guitars are now in the RESO bank and the RESO are in the CUSTOM 2 bank.


All I did was plug in to my friends XTL


When I plugged back into my OWN XTL I was really hoping it would reset back to my settings but it hasn't


By the way this only happens when I select using the Model select knob on the guitar itself, if I use a patch over midi it does select the correct guitar / bank.


In my Custom 2 bank I have one setting which I created an alternate tuning in workbench (a long time ago) Would it just be a case of me going back into Workbench? Will all my Variax's memory be still stored in WB ?


I haven't played around with these setting for ages because all was well


Please if anyone can help I would really appreciate it


Thank, Mark




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It sounds like your model select knob has shifted.  I doubt that it is related to plugging it into your friends XTL.  The knob is actually a pot with detents that creates a voltage that is read by an A/D in the Variax electronics.  If the pot shifted relative to the detent somehow, then the models selected can be wrong.

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