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New Forum Member,kb37, Newbie Questions :)

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Hi, I am new to this forum, although not to Line 6, my pod beats my mesa dual rec for good tone at reasonable volumes...


Anyhow, I'm after a KB37 now, I feel it would be the answer to a good portable computer recording setup,and have a couple of fundamental questions, as it will replace my pod 2.0 if I buy it.

1 - The Latency Killing Tonedirect Monitoring... is the tone hardware based i.e. is it generated/contained in the KB37,as it is in my Pod, and merely controlled from the computer, or is it contained in the software,like pod farm(i'm aware pod farm is shipped with it, too), and output from the computer to the KB37?  In short, is there a pod inside the KB37?


2- Are there any keyboard,synth or drum sounds contained inside the KB37(is it also a sound module)?

I have seen it described as a midi keyboard,  and also a midi controller, google hasn't helped me with these questions, so I'm turning to anybody here for help,and thanks in advance, Tom.



P.S. I have seen a KB37 for sale with no discs, and the advertiser reckons I could simply download everything from,no Problem.. Is he full of it, and doing this would be more hell than its worth, or could I really renew all the software here without any problems or extra cost? I would like my KB37 to be completely legitimate when I am done.


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1. no not generated on kb37 just has an internal out path that reduces latency.

2. no... nothing internal, you'd need plugins etc in your daw or external.


p.s. yes you get the basic line6 software easily by downloading... you DO NOT get the 3rd party software that comes with new ones... meaning ableton/reason.

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