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Sonic Port With Bluetooth Speaker

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So being a Line6 Junkie (couldnt figure out how to change my screen name) I got a SonicPort even though I have a Apogee Jam - they are similar products. I like the Sonic Port better because of its iPhone5 compatibility with the lightning port.


I havent been able to get this to work, but it would be an ideal setup for me:


Guitar to Sonic Port 

Sonic Port to iPhone

iPhone to Amp via Bluetooth (using an ION BlockRocker - very nice product.)


However, it seems that once you connect the iPhone to the SonicPort, the SonicPort becomes the output. So I connect the SonicPort to the amp via 1/4" cable.


Is this correct - is it possible to use the iPod for output rather than SonicPort?


Overall, Excellent product - works exactly as described right out of the box.  Up and running in seconds. Guitar input is very clean due to the connectivity through 30-Pin or Ligntning connector (avoid devices that use the microphone input on the headphone jack.)



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