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Turning OFF tone 2 - getting rid of it

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This is my second go round with an X3 and I don't remember this problem before.


I did the 'factory reset' thing for user presets, but I have a "screamin solo" set as TONE 2 on all my darn presets and it bleeds through on the clean settings.

I was running headphone out to mp3 in to an amp, but will be going into a power amp now


Aside from going in and turning the volume all the way down and saving it as tone 2, is there any way to just GET RID OF IT?


example to be clear

1a I have the Bog Uber amp on tone 1 with effects, and the tone 2 is set as that 'screamin solo'

1b is the criminal tone 1, but tone 2 is the same and it's the same on every preset


I've tried to use the search function but it doesn't recognize the "2" on the 'turn off tone 2' querie

I do not remember having this problem with my new X3 from years ago.

Does anyone know how to fix this, or is this an oops and there's another 'factory reset' method?




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you may have tone2 locked....

there twist the third knob under the display... should see a padlock opening and closing right above it...

when padlock is open... change tones and you should be free.

this setting will persist even after resets/flashes...

so it's kind of sneaky.

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thanks, I'll try that.


Is there a way to just completely get rid of tone 2 on a patch?


Like I said, I don't remember my patches having a tone 2 on all of them


Do the X3 Pro and HD Pro have the same issue?

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I think there are two ways. It's been along time since I've used the X3 but if I recall.....

- there's a footswitch you can use to toggle between Tone 1, Tone 2, and Dual Tone. I believe when you select the Tone 1 position you will not see/hear Tone 2

- in the Outputs page of the preset you can MUTE Tone 2.

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