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Pod hd FX send noise

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Hello Everyone,


I´ve been successfully using my pod hd500 for the past few years, mostly in combination with my dt25 and using studio monitors. It wasn´t until recently that wanted to use it with the 4cm. I built myself a naylor sd60 clone and I was hoping to use it in conjunction with my pod.

The amplifier itself is nearly quiet with a guitar plugged straight into it, even at the highest gain settings. Using the pod in the effects loop for reverb and delay and plugging the guitar straight into the amp also poses no problems (allthough it does introduce a little bit more hiss). However plugging the effects send of the pod into the amp's inputs generates an unusable amount of hiss (audible while playing). The same hiss occurs when there is only one cable from the pods fx send plugged into the input of the amp, while nothing else is plugged in. I tried messing with different settings on the pod, but with little result. 

Bare in mind that this is white noise, no 50 or 100 hz hum (europe).


Is the fx send supposed to be this noisy and are other people experiencing the same problem, or could it be that my unit is defective? (would not be the first time  <_< )

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