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Does Firehawk replace POD HD 500X


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I won't claim to understand *why*, but no. 


A Line 6 rep (forget his name. Something Igloo) has stated that the HD500X will continue to be the flagship product. 


It's also important to note that several important Pod features are not in the Firehawk, like Line 6 Link, meaning it won't connect to a DT series amp the way the PODHD does. 


It sounds like the Firehawk is sort of a bridge between the HD500 and the Amplifi. It's aimed at people that have a "set it and forget it" attitude, as opposed to all the deep editing you can do with the Pod. 


In other words, it's a slightly more casual product. 

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it is not replacing the HD500 series.  The Firehawk is basically an AMPLIFi  FX100 with some HD amp models, better ins and outs, Variax, and geared towards performers more than bedroom players.  It does not have the dual signal paths, multiple inputs, M-series effects, L6 link or some of the other more professional features of the HD series.  That said, it certainly looks like it is a cool piece of kit...

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The 500X still offers a lot more in the way of signal chain flexibility. The Firehawk HD is really a continuation of the Amplifi concept with some HD models added in and some other ins and outs.


There will be no doubt or confusion if/when Line 6 launches a new flagship model.

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And even if firehawk replaced the hd series... 

do we need to rush out and buy it? 

Does the hd shutdown and become inoperable immediately when firehawk hits the market? 




But to answer the question... 

NO. Firehawk is no "next year's model" for the HD Series. 

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